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AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses

Editor-in-Chief: Thomas Hope, PhD

ISSN: 0889-2229 • Online ISSN: 1931-8405 • Published Monthly

Current Volume: 33

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Featured Press Releases and Editorial Content

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AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses was the very first AIDS publication in the field over 30 years ago, and today it is still the critical resource advancing research in retroviruses, including AIDS. The Journal provides the broadest coverage from molecular biology to clinical studies and outcomes research, focusing on developments of novel therapeutics and immune-restorative approaches. Cutting-edge papers on the latest progress and research advances through clinical trials and examination of targeted antiretroviral agents lead to improvements in translational medicine for optimal treatment outcomes.

AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses coverage includes:

  • Molecular biology of HIV and SIV
  • Developments in HIV pathogenesis and vaccine research
  • Cure research
  • HIV prevention science
      - Topical PreP (microbicides)
  • Rapid publication of emerging sequence information
  • Molecular biology, immunology, and epidemiology of HTLV
  • Pharmacology of HIV therapy
  • Social and behavioral science

AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses is under the editorial leadership of Editor-in-Chief Thomas Hope, PhD, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University; Senior Clinical Editor Carlos del Rio, Emory Center for AIDS Research; and other leading investigators. View the entire editorial board.

Audience: HIV/AIDS researchers, virologists, infectious disease specialists, pathologists, molecular biologists, epidemiologists, molecular geneticists, and microbiologists, among others.

AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses provides “Instant Online” publication 72 hours after acceptance.

Indexed/Abstracted in:

MEDLINE; PubMed; PubMed Central; Current Contents®/Life Sciences; Science Citation Index Expanded; Science Citation Index®; Biological Abstracts; BIOSIS Previews; Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition; Prous Science Integrity®; Derwent Drug File; ISI Custom Information Services; EMBASE/Excerpta Medica; Scopus; ProQuest databases; CAB Abstracts; Global Health; SIIC Data Bases

The views, opinions, findings, conclusions and recommendations set forth in any Journal article are solely those of the authors of those articles and do not necessarily reflect the views, policy or position of the Journal, its Publisher, its editorial staff or any affiliated Societies and should not be attributed to any of them.

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