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Election Recounts and Audits

The recounts called for after the results of the gubernatorial race in North Carolina and the US presidential race have had—and will continue to have—important legal, regulatory, policy, and societal implications on election processes. Over a decade ago, election recounts came to the fore of the political atmosphere with the Florida recount during the 2000 US presidential election. In the current climate, the importance of information regarding the consequences of requesting a recount, and how they are handled both legally and politically has never been higher.

Election Law Journal is the leading peer-reviewed journal for up-to-date coverage of this evolving area of specialization. ELJ is currently seeking original contributions on the following topics related to election recounts and audits:

  • History, evolution, economic analyses, and future prospects of election recounts and audits
  • Effect of election recounts and audits on voter behavior, particularly on voter suppression and voter ID
  • Legal treatment of election recounts and audits
  • Political treatment of election recounts and audits

Deadline for manuscript submission: March 15, 2017

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Deadline for Manuscript Submission:
March 15, 2017