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Cancer Stem Cells

Editor-in-Chief: Robert Lanza, MD

BioResearch Open Access is seeking high-quality translational and basic research on cancer stem cells (CSC). Cancer stem cells are believed to arise from a distinct population of tumour cells. They are defined by their capacity to self-renew and their multi-lineage differentiation potential. CSCs have been identified in a wide variety of human cancers, including solid tumours and some haematopoietic cancers. This special article collection will provide a broad overview of the current state of research in this area.

The Journal will accept original research, reviews, technical reports, or rapid communication articles. Contributions will receive rapid and thorough peer review and will be published in the Journal after acceptance.

Potential research topics can include:

  • Origin of the CSC
  • Mechanisms by which CSCs self-renew
  • Influence of the tumour microenviornment (niche)
  • Tumour heterogeneity
  • The role of CSC in metastasis
  • CSCs and resistance to clinical therapy

Benefits of publishing in BioResearch Open Access:

  • High visibility, immediate and unrestricted online access to published articles
  • Broad coverage of biomedical research
  • Rigorous and rapid peer review
  • Easy compliance with open access mandates
  • Authors retain copyright
  • Highly indexed -- citation tracking and inclusion in PubMed
  • Targeted email marketing

BioResearch Open Access is the fastest venue to publish research open access in PubMed. The Journal, led by Dr. Robert Lanza, provides a rapid publication venue for researchers to get their papers peer reviewed and published online. BioResearch Open Access publishes a broad range of interdisciplinary scientific topics in medicine, biomedicine, and biotechnology.

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Deadline for Manuscript Submission:
May 31, 2017


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