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Skill vs. Chance – The Fundamental Debate

Guest Editor

Brett Abarbanel

Director of Research

International Gaming Institute

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Deadline for manuscript submission: January 12th, 2018

The past several years have seen spectacular growth in interest and investment in skill-based gambling games. Innovation has pushed the boundaries of skill-based games on new platforms, in new play mechanics, and in overall game experience. While many proponents in the industry have touted skill-based games as the answer to the “Millennial Problem”, regulators around the world have debated the role of skill and chance in games in creating new – and assessing extant – regulation for games of skill, games of chance and hybrid games that incorporate both elements. This special issue will bring together experienced practitioners in the field to address legal, regulatory, social and/or economic issues related to the fundamental debate in gaming and gambling – skill vs. chance.

Gaming Law Review (GLR) is the leading peer-reviewed journal addressing important legal, regulatory, and economic issues facing today’s gaming industry. GLR is currently seeking original contributions on the following topics related to the skill v. chance debate:

  • History, evolution, economic analyses, and future prospects for skill-based gambling games
  • Legal issues, regulatory questions, and challenges, including skill vs. chance debates
  • Legislative efforts and obstacles
  • Consumer protection concerns and responsible play solutions

Deadline for manuscript submission: January 12th, 2018

Gaming Law Review (GLR) is cited more often by legal courts than any other journal. The journal provides the latest developments in legislation, regulation, and judicial decisions affecting gaming around the world, including state, federal, and tribal developments in the U.S.

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Deadline for Manuscript Submission:
January 12, 2018