Call for Papers

Special Issue on Autism

ASSAY and Drug Development Technologies is seeking original research papers, application-oriented technology reviews, and reports in methodology and technology applications in Autism research to publish in the April 2018 special issue during Autism Awareness Month in the United States.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnoses have grown at a tremendous rate in recent years, likely due to growing awareness of the condition, and perhaps other factors. ASD treatment remains a challenge, with current treatments primarily focused on behavioral therapy. Because ASD has many biomarkers, significant efforts are being made to develop drugs to treat this challenging disorder. In this focus issue, we will highlight research that addresses ASD drug development technologies with the potential to have positive outcomes for families and individuals.

More specifically, we are looking for papers that cover the following topics:

  • New genetic screening
  • Drug discovery, drug pipeline, and clinical trials
  • Treatment landscape and the future of treatment approaches
  • Drug mechanism of action
  • Druggable targets
  • Drug repurposing, rescue, and repositioning (DRRR)
  • Barriers in drug development
  • Early screening
  • Epigenetics and prevention
  • Targeting positive and negative symptoms
  • Best endpoints for clinical trials
  • Developmental window for intervention
  • Disease and animal modeling
  • Pathophysiology, risk factors, biomarkers, gene expression, and neural functioning
  • Patient perspectives
  • Ethics
  • Literature reviews
  • And other related topics to Autism research

Deadline for manuscript submission: February 1, 2018

*selected manuscripts will publish in the April 2018 issue

ASSAY and Drug Development Technologies delivers access to the techniques and tools that enable new advances in early-stage screening, and lead to therapeutic compounds for drug discovery and development. This authoritative, rapidly peer-reviewed journal features original papers, application-oriented technology reviews, and reports in methodology and technology applications. The journal is under the leadership of Bruce Melancon, PhD, Notre Dame.

The journal now features a dedicated Drug Repurposing, Rescue, and Repositioning (DRRR) section. These special peer-reviewed collections of papers present techniques and tools for finding new uses for approved drugs – particularly for disorders where no animal model, physiologic abnormality, biochemical pathway, or molecular target has been identified. The DRRR section is under the leadership of Hermann Mucke, PhD, of Hermann Mucke Pharma Consultancy e.U.

If you have any questions, please contact Editor-in-Chief Dr. Bruce Melancon

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Deadline for Manuscript Submission:
February 1, 2018