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Thyroid Journal Program

Thyroid, Clinical Thyroidology®, VideoEndocrinology™

Thyroid Editor-in-Chief: Peter A. Kopp

Clinical Thyroidology Editor-in-Chief: Jerome M. Hershman

VideoEndocrinology Editor-in-Chief: Gerard M. Doherty

ISSN: 1050-7256 • Online ISSN: 1557-9077 • 28 Issues Annually

Latest Impact Factor* is 4.493

*2014 Journal Citation Reports® published by Thomson Reuters, 2015

Editorial Board


Peter A. Kopp
Northwestern University
Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Molecular Medicine
Chicago, IL
Phone:  312-503-1394


Associate Editors

Rebecca S. Bahn
Rochester, MN

Sheue-Yann Cheng
Bethesda, MD

Leonidas H. Duntas
Athens, Greece

Electron Kebebew
Bethesda, MD

Marian E. Ludgate
Cardiff, United Kingdom

Tania Ortiga Carvalho
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Elizabeth Pearce
Boston, MA

Joachim Pohlenz
Mainz, Germany

Massimo Santoro

Naples, Italy

Mingzhao Xing
Baltimore, MD

Editorial Office

Barbara R. Smith
Executive Director, ATA

Sharleene Cano
Director, Publications and Membership, ATA

Editorial Board

Takashi Akamizu
Kyoto, Japan

Ali S. Alzahrani
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 

Nobuyuki Amino
Osaka, Japan

Fereidoun Azizi
Tehran, Iran 

James R. Baker, Jr
Ann Arbor, MI

Giuseppe Barbesino
Boston, MA

Andrew J. Bauer

Philadelphia, PA

Paolo Beck-Peccoz
Milan, Italy

Juan Bernal
Madrid, Spain

Antonio C. Bianco
Chicago, IL

Bernadette Biondi
Naples, Italy

Kristien Boelaert
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Lewis Braverman
Boston, MA

Kenneth D. Burman
Washington, DC

Patrizio Caturegli
Baltimore, MD

Krishna Chatterjee
Cambridge, United Kingdom

Luca Chiovato
Pavia, Italy

Gilbert J. Cote
Houston, TX

Louise Davies
Hanover, NH

Terry F. Davies
New York, NY

Quan-Yang Duh
San Francisco, CA

Charles H. Emerson
Worcester, MA

Valentin Fadeyev
Moscow, Russia

Alan Farwell
Boston, MA

Douglas Forrest
Bethesda, MD

Hossein Gharib
Rochester, MN

Stephen Gough
Oxford, United Kingdom

Megan Haymart
Ann Arbor, MI

James V. Hennessey
Boston, MA

Jerome Hershman
Los Angeles, CA

Heike Heuer
Jena, Germany

William B. Inabnet, III
New York, NY

Sissy M. Jhiang
Columbus, OH

George Kahaly
Mainz, Germany

Edna T. Kimura
São Paulo, Brazil

Irwin Klein
Manhasset, NY

Josef Koehrle
Berlin, Germany

Ronald J. Koenig
Ann Arbor, MI

Zaki Kraiem
Haifa, Israel

Gerasimos E. Krassas
Thessaloniki, Greece

Annie W. C. Kung
Hong Kong

John Lazarus
Cardiff, United Kingdom

Virginia A. LiVolsi
Philadelphia, PA

Cary N. Mariash
Indianapolis, IN

Chris McCabe
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Sandra McLachlan
Los Angeles, CA

Mikael Nilsson
Göteborg, Sweden

Furio Pacini
Siena, Italy

Ralf Paschke
Leipzig, Germany

Luca Persani
Milan, Italy

Mario Pisarev
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gregory Randolph
Boston, MA

Basil Rapoport
Los Angeles, CA

Matthew E. Ringel
Columbus, OH

Bruce G. Robinson
Sidney, Australia

Douglas Ross
Boston, MA

Joanne F. Rovet
Toronto, Canada

Domenico Salvatore
Naples, Italy

Thomas S. Scanlan
Portland, OR

Martin Schlumberger
Villejuif, France 

Arthur B. Schneider
Chicago, IL

Rebecca Schweppe
Denver, CO

Bingyin Shi
Xi’an, China 

Yun-Bo Shi
Bethesda, MD

Youngkee Shong
Seoul, Korea

Jennifer Sipos
Columbus, OH

James C. Sisson
Ann Arbor, MI

Euy Young Soh
Suwon, Korea

Christine Spitzweg
Munich, Germany

Cord Sturgeon
Chicago, IL

Nikhil Tandon
New Delhi, India

Weiping Teng
Shengyang, China

Geraldine Thomas
London, United Kingdom

Yaron Tomer
New York, NY

Theo J. Visser
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Steven G. Waguespack
Houston, TX

Anthony P. Weetman
Sheffield, United Kingdom

Graham R. Williams
London, United Kingdom

Shunichi Yamashita
Nagasaki, Japan

Michael W. Yeh
Los Angeles, CA

Paul Yen

Michael Zimmermann
Zürich, Switzerland


The views, opinions, findings, conclusions and recommendations set forth in any Journal article are solely those of the authors of those articles and do not necessarily reflect the views, policy or position of the Journal, its Publisher, its editorial staff or any affiliated Societies and should not be attributed to any of them.

An important video message from VideoEndocrinology Editor-in-Chief Gerard Doherty, MD