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May 15 - May 19, 2017

Aging and Mechanisms of Disease - Keystone Symposia

Populations are aging rapidly worldwide, particularly in Asia, driving a strong interest in aging/longevity research. This Keystone Symposia meeting will capture the cutting-edge front of this exciting field of science, covering essential aspects of aging/longevity research, including critical signaling pathways and regulators, inter-tissue communication, stem cells, stress and damage responses, cellular senescence, physiological rhythms, human genetics and mental well-being (happiness).

Rejuvenation Research publishes cutting-edge research on rejuvenation therapies in the laboratory and clinic. The Journal delivers the latest information on the molecular and cellular mechanisms necessary for these therapeutic approaches to be most effective, and provides key explorations and advances that may ultimately contribute to slowing or reversing the aging process.

Pick up your copy of this essential resource at the Keystone Symposia on Aging and Mechanisms of Disease.