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Aug 09 - Aug 11, 2017

Precision Medicine & Ion Channel 2017

Aurora’s Annual Ion Channel Retreat (ICR) was intended to accelerate ion channel research and to promote collaboration and communication among scientists from academics and industry. Due to the success of the inaugural Precision Medicine & Ion Channel last year - Aurora is proud to continue the joint topic Retreat in 2017. The PM&ICR2017 will showcase Ion Transporter technology in Pathogenesis and Drug Discovery. Likewise, the Precision Medicine session will also be refocusing the topics towards Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment, Liquid Biopsy, Clinical Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology, Big Data and Interpretation, and Nano biotechnology.

ASSAY and Drug Development Technologies delivers access to the techniques and tools that enable new advances in early-stage screening, and lead to therapeutic compounds for drug discovery and development. This authoritative, rapidly peer-reviewed journal features original papers, application-oriented technology reviews, and reports in methodology and technology application.

The Journal also features a dedicated Drug Repurposing, Rescue, and Repositioning (DRRR) section in the journal. These special peer-reviewed collections of papers present techniques and tools for finding new uses for approved drugs – particularly for disorders where no animal model, physiologic abnormality, biochemical pathway, or molecular target has been identified.

Pick up your copy of this essential resource at Precision Medicine & Ion Channel 2017!