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Jan 18 - Jan 22, 2014

SLAS 2014

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. provides cutting edge information -


ASSAY and Drug Development Technologies delivers access to the techniques and tools that enable new advances in early-stage screening, and lead to therapeutic compounds for drug discovery and development. This authoritative, rapidly peer-reviewed journal features original papers, application-oriented technology reviews, and reports in methodology and technology application.


The leading, authoritative journal for over 30 years, Biotechnology Law Report is devoted to the evolving body of law and government regulation concerning biotechnology, particularly in the industries in which new products from these technologies are developing the most rapidly: pharmaceuticals, chemicals, agriculture, food processing, energy, mineral recovery, and waste treatment. 


 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN) is the mostly widely-read publication covering tools, techniques, and technologies in the biotechnology industry; a site-wide license is important for academic, corporate, and government institutions to foster global collaborations among these sectors and to keep them abreast of the urgent issues that will affect the field.


Additional information on our entire collection and copies of all 3 publications will be available at our Booth #115. Stop by - Kwafo will be happy to assist you!