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Contact: John Sterling, 914-740-2196,
GEN Co-Sponsors Round Table Discussion on Novel Bioremediation Techniques

New Rochelle, NY, October 28, 2010—Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN) is co-sponsoring a roundtable discussion today on new ways to use biological solutions to assist in environment clean-up after manmade or natural disasters. “Gulf Oil Spill: Using Modern-day Biology to Assess the Environmental Impact and to Help in Remediation” is also being sponsored by the Venture Development Center (VDC) at The University of Massachusetts Boston, where the discussions will take place.

“The Gulf Oil Spill catastrophe was a clear wake-up call regarding the critical need for faster and more efficient environmental clean-up solutions,” said John Sterling, Editor in Chief of GEN, who will serve as co-moderator of the roundtable along with William Brah, Assistant Vice Provost for Research and Executive Director of the VDC. “GEN is honored to work with such a prestigious roundtable panel,” added Sterling.

The panel members include John Farrington, UMass Dartmouth & Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (Emeritus); Olivia Mason, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Doug Bartlett, Scripps Oceanographic Institute; Juanita Urban-Rich, UMASS Boston; and Richard T. Schumacher, Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (Nasdaq:PBIO).

The effects of an oil spill, no matter the size, can be devastating on both marine and coastal life. Consequently, rapid and effective clean-up methods need to be in place before the next spill. Several technologies have been proposed and/or used to clean-up the spill in the Gulf, including the mechanical collection of oil and chemical dispersion. However, there is a growing sentiment toward finding and using natural biological solutions.

During the roundtable, scientists from academia and industry will discuss the effectiveness of biological methods that can help improve our understanding of the marine environment, assess the impact that oil spills of any magnitude have on this complex yet delicate ecosystem, and help monitor the effectiveness and even be part of the clean-up procedure during remediation.

This important roundtable discussion is being videotaped for future viewing.  Visitors to the GEN website ( ), and the VDC webpage ( ), the PBI website ( ), and other sites will soon have access to it. GEN will make an announcement once the video is available.

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