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New Space: A Groundbreaking Journal for the New Epoch of Public and Private Space Research and Exploration

 New Rochelle, NY, October 23, 2012Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers announces the launch of New Space, the only international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to space innovation. This groundbreaking publication facilitates the emerging multidisciplinary opportunities for space-based collaborations of industry, academia, and government agencies. The Journal will be available in print and online, with an open access option.

Featuring world-class content that covers innovative and expanding applications at the intersection of space science, engineering, policy, and business, the Journal encourages the growth of rapidly expanding enterprises and products that will advance knowledge, benefit society, and improve the way we live. New Space is the forum in which innovative applications of emerging space-based technologies and initiatives will be discovered, identified, discussed, and applied. New Space will publish leading-edge research in all engineering and technology disciplines required to support and advance the new epoch of international space endeavors including tourism, colonization, deep space research, and asteroid mining in both the private and public sectors.

The Editor-in-Chief for New Space is G. Scott Hubbard, Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford University, an expert on the emerging entrepreneurial space industry, and Director of the Stanford Center of Excellence for Commercial Space Transportation (COE CST). Professor Hubbard has been engaged in space-related research as well as program, project, and executive management for more than 35 years including 20 years with NASA, culminating as Director of NASA’s Ames Research Center. Currently on the SpaceX Safety Advisory Panel, he previously served as the sole NASA representative on the Columbia Accident Investigation Board, was NASA’s first Mars program director, and successfully restructured the entire Mars program in the wake of mission failures. He is the founder of NASA’s Astrobiology Institute, conceived the Mars Pathfinder mission with its airbag landing, and was the manager for NASA’s highly successful Lunar Prospector Mission. Dr. Hubbard has received many honors including NASA’s highest award, the Distinguished Service Medal.

“This powerful new journal will provide a much-needed multidisciplinary forum on the rapidly advancing knowledge, engineering, and technological developments in this important field with great potential for benefit to mankind and our world,” says Professor Hubbard. In addition to peer-reviewed manuscripts, New Space will publish interviews with leading innovators, roundtable discussions with experts in a variety of fields, point-counter-point discussions, and briefs describing lab demonstrations and field trials.

Company founder and CEO Mary Ann Liebert comments, “New Space has a unique multidisciplinary mandate and an ability to respond with alacrity as this field moves forward. Under the leadership of Professor Hubbard, this journal will play an important role in the advancement of space technology and exploration that will benefit all countries.”  

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