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Universal mobile-friendly access to all
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It's not an app... though you wouldn't know that from using it. There's no need to download or install anything. Just go to www.liebertformobile.com using your mobile browser to enjoy full, mobile-ready access to all journal content.

L4M User Information

Access & Device Support

Accessing Liebert For Mobile(L4M):

Using the browser on your mobile device, simply go to www.liebertformobile.com. To access the full site on your mobile device, tap Visit Full Site. Once there, you can tap the Visit Mobile Site to return to the mobile site.

Mobile devices supported:

Liebert For Mobile (L4M) supports the following devices and operating systems:

  • BlackBerry OS 6 (including the Torch 9800)
  • BlackBerry Tablet OS devices (including PlayBook)
  • iPhone and iPod devices running OS 3.2 or later
  • iPad 3.2.2 or later
  • Android 2.2 or later

Don't see your mobile device listed here? You can still view online content via the full version of the site. User experience may vary depending on the type and speed of your connection (3G or WIFI).

Accessing L4M with a voucher/token:

If you have activated your token on the main Liebert Online site, using the same log-in credentials on L4M will automatically enable your token access privileges on the mobile site.

Accessing L4M from your Home screen:

Although L4M is not technically an app, it comes with many app-like features. One example is opening the site from your Home screen by installing the L4M icon. This enables access to L4M in full-screen mode.

Installing a Home Screen Icon on Apple Devices:

1 On your compatible iPhone, iPod, or iPad, launch the Safari browser.
2 Go to www.liebertformobile.com
3 On the Safari browser, tap located just to the left of the address window and select "Add to Home Screen".

Installing a Home Screen Icon on Android Devices:

1 Open the browser Bookmarks screen.
2 Hold down the L4M bookmark.
3 Select Add to Home screen.

Registration & Log-In

You will need to log in/register in order to:

  • pair your mobile device;
  • access full-text documents that are free to registered users only;
  • add content to favorites list;
  • share content via Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn.

L4M Registration and Log In:

You only have to register and log in one time. After that you will be automatically logged in to the site via your mobile device.

To register your account via L4M follow these steps:

1 Tap the Settings icon; proceed to Device Pairing.
2 Tap Register; enter prompted account information.

Logging in:

Once you have registered, follow these steps:

1 Tap the Settings icon and go to My Account
2 Tap Login and enter your login credentials

You can also log in from your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account.

Device Pairing

Institutional Users & Society Members:

Follow these 5 steps to pair your device.

1 Visit the full (non-mobile) Liebert website while authenticated as a member of the subscribing organization.

For example, if you access content through your Society website, log in as usual and click on the journal access link. Most institutions will use IP recognition. A simple way to check that you have been authenticated is to look at the top of the screen for a small banner displaying the name of your organization.
2 Click the Mobile link in the resources menu.
3 If prompted, log in using your My Liebert username and password. If you do not yet have My Liebert credentials, you can register here for free.
4 A pairing code is displayed.
5 USING YOUR MOBILE DEVICE log on to www.liebertformobile.com. On the top main navigation, touch the Settings option.

  • Select "Device Pairing" from the choices offered
  • Enter the pairing code you have been given and touch "Verify Code"
You are now authenticated as a mobile user of your institution and will be able to access any subscribed content. This authentication lasts for 90 days, after which you will need to pair your device again.

Personal Users:

If you are a personal subscriber and logged in using your My Liebert account credentials – click here to pair your device.

Viewing and Saving Content

Viewing content:

You can view content in the following ways:

Option 1 Use the following navigation options on the Home screen to select publications of interest.

  • Categories
  • Journals
  • Books
Option 2 Browse publication of interest and select the desired article or chapter. Alternatively you can search for a particular journal or article by tapping on the search icon at the top.
Option 3 Tap the item that you want. For example, tap Current Issue to view the table of contents for the current issue of the journal. Continue until you have drilled down to the desired document.

Tap the Latest button on the Home screen to view recently published documents from your selected publications.

Saving a favorite:

The Favorites icon can be used to mark a document, and/or download it. Favorites and saved documents can be accessed from the Home screen; saved documents can also be read offline.

1 In reading mode, tap the Favorites icon to mark or save the current document.
2 Tap either Mark as Favorite or Save on Device in the popup that opens.
3 Tap the item that you want. For example, tap Current Issue to view the table of contents for the current issue of the journal. Continue until you have drilled down to the desired document.

Changing view:

On the initial screen for an article or chapter, the first-page image displays, followed by a list of articles or chapter headings, and the document's keywords. Use Select View to choose a different view (you must have full-text access to select views for a document).

1 Select Sections to view the headings for the document. Tap a heading to jump to that section.
2 Select Figures to view thumbnails and descriptions of each figure.
3 Select References to view the document's citation references, or select Cited By for a list of documents that cite the current document.
4 Select Also Read to view a list of other documents readers of this document have read.
5 Tapping on [...] under the main author's name(s) on the abstract page will provide you with a list of affiliated authors.
6 To return to the initial view of the document, select the Article or Chapter option that appears at the top of the Select View popup.

(Journals appearing under the subject browse are a selection from the top-level browse option.)

Sharing documents:

To email a document to someone, log in to your Liebert Online account via L4M andfollow these steps:

1 Open an article or chapter and tap the Share icon.
2 Tap Email.
3 In the popup that opens, enter the email address of the person you want to share the document with. Edit the From, Subject, and Message fields as needed.
4 Tap Submit to email the recommendation.

L4M and Social Networks

Logging in from Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn:

You can log into Liebert Online via L4M using your social network credentials, by following these steps:

1 Tap the Settings icon.
2 Tap one of the social network icons. If you are already logged in to the social network, and have agreed to the social network's terms, you are logged in and the Linked Networks screen displays.
3 If you are not already logged in to this network, log in now.
4 If this is the first time logging in via this social network, you'll be required to accept the terms of that social network. Review the information and tap Allow or Don't Allow.
5 If required, re-enter your email address and tap Submit. You are now logged in to the site.

Linking an account to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn:

To share content on Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn, log in to your Liebert Online account and follow these steps:

1 Tap the Settings icon.
2 Tap Link your account for the network you want to associate with your user account (tap Unlink this account to eliminate the link). Log in if required.

Sharing content Via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn:

After you have linked one or more social networks to your account, you can share documents on the site.

1 Open an article or chapter and tap the Share icon.
2 In the Share popup, tap Social Networks.
3 In the popup that opens, tap Choose Options to select the network(s) with which to share.
4 Type a personal message if desired and tap Share.

Your comments, the series title, and the publication DOI will be posted to the social network(s) you selected.

Usage Reports

Usage accrued by a mobile device that is paired with an institution will be included in the institution's usage reports.