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Financial Conflicts of Interest for the Editorial Leadership of Human Gene Therapy, Human Gene Therapy Clinical Development and Human Gene Therapy Methods

Barry J. Byrne is a founder and holds minor equity in Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation (AGTC). In addition, he is an inventor on patents owned by Johns Hopkins University and the University of Florida.

George Dickson is a named inventor on several granted or filed patents in the context of antisense therapy, inhibition of myostatin, gene targeting, and replicating episomal lentivectors. He has ongoing industry collaborations with Sarepta Therapeutics, Benitec Biopharma and Okairos.

Terence R. Flotte is a founder of Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation (AGTC). He no longer holds equity in AGTC but has received grant funding from them.

James M. Wilson is an advisor to ReGenX Biosciences and Dimension Therapeutics, and is a founder of, holds equity in, and receives grants from ReGenX Biosciences and Dimension Therapeutics; in addition, he is a consultant to several biopharmaceutical companies and is an inventor on patents licensed to various biopharmaceutical companies.