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In 1997, Co-Editors-in-Chief Sorin Istrail, PhD, and Michael S. Waterman, PhD, along with Pavel Pevzner, founded the Annual International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology (RECOMB). Over the years, RECOMB became the top, most-competitive conference devoted to analytical rigorous methods in computational biology and bioinformatics. A tradition, started by Dr. Waterman was to publish an annual RECOMB special issue containing the conference papers in mature final journal form. This long-celebrated tradition was made permanent last year when Journal of Computational Biology became the Official Journal of RECOMB.

As was said in the preface of the first RECOMB special issue, “this volume is proof positive of the emergence of a new discipline, computational biology.” The 17 annual RECOMB special issues featured the most competitively selected papers presenting innovation in computational methods. Although computational biology and bioinformatics papers have been published in a number of other journals and conferences, and there has been an explosion of new journals since 2004, no other venue comes close to these 17 volumes in analytical rigor and innovation inspired by genomics and cell biology. A technical characteristic is the intertwining of statistics with computer science, of continuous methods with discrete mathematics, with an overall increased preeminence of the discrete mathematics component. This was a methodological development anticipated by von Neumann as needed for modeling biological cells.

Among the papers published in the 17 RECOMB special issues, a number of them have been highly influential with an impact to the field. The senior author(s) of the Journal of Computational Biology 20th Anniversary: Highly Influential Papers in Computational Biology will be invited to write an accompanying paper, a new type of journal paper, “critical synthesis of current methods in computational biology and bioinformatics,” about the technical developments since the “classic” paper. The reprinted “classic” paper and the “critical synthesis” paper will appear together. A Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers book, “Computational Biology and Bioinformatics: The State of the Analytical Method,” will contain all of these highly influential papers and their associated critical syntheses of the first 20 years of Journal of Computational Biology.

To recognize exceptional achievement in analytical rigorous methods in computational biology, starting this anniversary year, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers will be offering an annual Journal of Computational Biology - RECOMB Mary Ann Liebert Rosalind Franklyn Analytical Rigor Computational Biology Prize of $1,000 for the top-breakthrough paper in the annual RECOMB special issue distinguishing itself with analytical rigor. The award-winning papers will be published in the Journal.

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