Advances in Wound Care, Volume 2 e-book

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Advances in Wound Care, Volume 2 e-book

Editor: Chandan K. Sen

2011 • ISBN13 978-1-934854-28-0 • ISBN e-book 978-1-934854-29-7
Hardcover • 640 pages, 103 illus, 68 color • Trim size: 8-1/2 x 11

Aims & Scope

Aims & Scope

The Essential Desktop Reference For All Wound Care Professionals

Wound Healing Society Yearbook Publication

Successful advancement of the wound healing discipline depends on effective integration of scientific discoveries and wound care practices. The science of wound healing is heavily interdisciplinary in nature.

Even for accomplished scientists, staying abreast with the latest developments in the science of wound care is a daunting task.  For wound care professionals it is almost impossible to closely monitor relevant scientific developments in such a diverse atmosphere. Thus, there is a fast growing gap between the frontiers of science and the quality of education and patient care. 

A new volume in this series will be released at the annual conference of the Wound Healing Society

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