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Editor: Gerard Doherty

ISSN: • Published Quarterly • Online ISSN: 2329-9738


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VideoEndocrinology™ delivers high-quality peer-reviewed videos of cutting-edge surgical and diagnostic imaging techniques and technologies covering thyroid, parathyroid, pancreatic, pituitary, and adrenal tumors and diseases, with minimally invasive, robotic, and open surgical procedures. This rapid publication videojournal offers a dynamic new venue for physicians and surgeons to share their techniques and showcase new approaches. Videos can be easily searched, viewed online, and downloaded in Flash, QuickTime®, and MP4 formats for use on a tablet or other mobile device allowing on-the-spot access where and when it is desired. Videos can be downloaded and shared with colleagues, facilitating optimal patient care. VideoEndocrinology is included with your subscription to the monthly flagship Thyroid.

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Benefits of submitting your videos include:

  • Rapid peer review and publication of accepted videos
  • View online and download in QuickTime® or MP4 formats for use on your mobile device and tablet
  • Downloadable PDF abstract of the video publication
  • Intuitive search and browse making use of a sophisticated medical terminology system and automatic recommendation of related content

Thyroid is under the editorial leadership of Editor-in-Chief Peter A. Kopp, Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Molecular Medicine, Northwestern University; Clinical Thyroidology Editor-in-Chief Jerome M. Hershman, UCLA; VideoEndocrinology Editor Gerard Doherty, Boston University; and other leading investigators.

Audience: Endocrinologists, obstetricians, surgeons, primary care clinicians, oncologists, cell biologists, and pathologists, among others

Society Affiliation

Official Journal of the American Thyroid Association