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Advances in Wound Care,
Volume 2

Editor: Chandan K. Sen

2011 • ISBN13 978-1-934854-28-0 • ISBN e-book 978-1-934854-29-7
Hardcover • 390 pages, 109 illus • Trim size: 8-1/2 x 11


“The Advances in Wound Care series represents a fresh approach to communicating the latest discoveries in wound care and wound healing. The series is a valuable addition to the library of both basic scientists and clinicians who want to remain up to date on both the fundamental science of wound healing and new developments in the translation of this science to wound care.”

Luisa Ann DiPietro, DDS, PhD
Professor and Director
UIC College of Dentistry

“The field of wound healing research has expanded tremendously over recent years. It is difficult for those of us working in the field to stay on top of important discoveries. As a basic scientist, I have found the Advances in Wound Care series to be an essential element to help me focus on the most pressing clinical problems. In addition, the series provides me with a handy desktop reference for the latest innovations in wound healing research. Advances in Wound Care is an indispensable resource for scientists and clinicians involved in translational medicine for wound healing.”

Robert F. Diegelmann, PhD
Professor of Biology & Molecular Biology  
  and Emergency Medicine
Virginia Commonwealth University

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