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This title is no longer available.

MOOCs Forum

Editor-in-Chief: Nishikant Sonwalkar, ScD

ISSN: 2325-8322 • Online ISSN: 2325-8330 • Published Quarterly


"As someone who has been involved with intensive work on student experiences related to MOOCs, I was thrilled to learn that a new journal, MOOCs Forum, would be adding much needed academic research and issue analysis to the ongoing discussion around massive open online courses. With educational policymakers trying to determine where MOOCs fit into the educational ecosystem, and professors expressing both excitement and fear over what MOOCs might bring (or take away) from traditional higher education, it's vital that decision-makers and opinion leaders have access to quality information, impartial analysis, and multiple viewpoints. And as the first issue demonstrates, MOOCs Forum provides access to all of these vital resources."

          Jonathan Haber
          Educational Writer / Researcher
           Degree of Freedom

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