We Can Fix Healthcare – The 12 Disruptors That Will Create Transformation

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We Can Fix Healthcare –
The 12 Disruptors That Will Create Transformation

Stephen K. Klasko, MD, MBA and Gregory P. Shea, PhD, with Michael Hoad, MA

2016 • ISBN: 978-1-934854-42-6 • 288 Pages • Perfect Paperback


Five Star Reviews for We Can Fix Healthcare – The 12 Disruptors That Will Create Transformation

"It has been a while since I felt optimistic after reading a book on our healthcare system, and yet that best describes my sentiment after finishing Stephen Klasko's new book, We Can Fix Healthcare – The 12 Disruptors That Will Create Transformation. The book doesn't shy away from all that is wrong with our healthcare system, but the focus is squarely on what can be right about it. If you want to be knowledgeable about the evolution of our healthcare system, and armed with sensible, apolitical solutions, you have come to the right place. Most importantly, this book has been written for the masses, not just the rarified few in the world of health policy. Klasko and crew are tremendously skilled writers who adeptly use humor and self-deprecation to keep you turning the page -- while also keeping you hopeful for the future."
Sanjay Gupta
Chief Medical Correspondent, CNN
Practicing Neurosurgeon

"Dr. Stephen Klasko, the brilliant and visionary CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, has written an extremely important and insightful book about how the combination of consumerism and technology can truly transform healthcare from a seemingly hopeless liability of ever rising expenses and shortages into a dynamic industry with more and better care at a lower cost. A mighty wave of breathtaking innovations and breakthroughs awaits us in medicines, medical devices and delivery systems. Klasko and Shea show how all of these dazzling possibilities can become realities...and soon!"
Steve Forbes
Chairman and Editor in Chief
Forbes Media

"Radical change in business takes a special kind of leadership, and healthcare is no exception. Steve Klasko is such a leader, and his book insightfully explores the transformative process that will finally allow healthcare to join the consumer revolution."
Jack Welch
Former CEO of General Electric and Bestselling Author

"Cloud, mobility, and big data shifted market power from entrenched incumbent organizations to customers-in-control.  Healthcare had missed this message. Dr. Stephen Klasko is a visionary and a courageous healthcare disruptor. As the leader of one of the nation's most forward-thinking medical institutions, he explains in a clear and easy to read prose exactly what must be done to transform our outdated healthcare system. Where the politicians and lobbyists failed, the innovators now need to take the lead."
John Sculley
Former Apple CEO

"We Can Fix Healthcare – The 12 Disruptors That Will Create Transformation shows Dr. Stephen Klasko at his best. Merging medical, technical, business and visionary perspectives to drive head-on at challenges and solutions to unwind the Gordian knot of healthcare. Working from the patient perspective inwards, Stephen’s approach diagnoses and addresses an exciting and inspiring vision that requires attention."
William Stemper
Comcast Business, President

"Dr. Stephen Klasko and Greg Shea travel through time to give us 12 all too logical, innovative, and disruptive prescriptions for transforming healthcare in the universe in which we live. Dr. Klasko can walk the talk, and demonstrates how a systematic and collaborative model can create a healthier system for all."
Roger Holstein
CEO, Healthgrades

"We Can Fix Healthcare – The 12 Disruptors That Will Create Transformation is a powerful prescription for transcending the grinding inertia and spiraling costs of our healthcare system.  With personal interviews of everybody from sick patients to hospital executives – and with an imagined rallying across our otherwise deadlocked political spectrum. Steve Klasko and Greg Shea identify a dozen 'disrupters' and offer a compelling fix for one of our country’s most vital but also most obstinate institutions."  
Michael Useem
Professor of Management and Director of the Wharton Leadership Center
University of Pennsylvania

"What a reprise! Klasko and Shea have done it again with the right mix of wisdom, straight fun, and well intentioned satire. Now if only the policy makers would listen up."
Elliot Sussman, MD
CEO, The Villages Health

"This book about the future of healthcare in the United States is surreal, but certainly no more surreal than the current reality we all experience.  The authors take us through a time-travel enabled vision of a new 'impossible' future for American healthcare and the health of America.  The trip is light hearted, even joyful, but simultaneously it is intensely serious.  We are invited to 'look in the mirror' for 'impossible' solutions for current healthcare conundrums--solutions that simply appear to be common sense when looked at from afar.  This book will make you smile as you bounce through its kaleidoscopic scope.  But, more importantly, it will make you think.  Hopefully, it will also make you, whoever you are, act.  Read it for fun, but beware the 'vapors.'  You may never see the world of healthcare in the same way again."
Robert J. Laskowski, MD, MBA, FACP
Senior Fellow, School of Public Policy, University of Delaware
President and CEO (retired), Christiana Care Health System, DE
Chair, Board of Directors, Association of American Medical Colleges

"Whether you're a healthcare professional, policy maker, healthcare entrepreneur or technologist, this book will compel you to take action. Stephen Klasko challenges us, inspires us, and puts us squarely on the path we must take to change, innovate and bring about a healthcare system that works for everyone."
John Doerr
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

"The crisis in healthcare isn't political, it's a crisis of leadership. Steve Klasko is saying step up! Make change an opportunity to lead, not follow. And he shows exactly how. I love his argument that every so called disruption can be transformation if we seize the moment and lead. This book is telling us to lead the future, don't be afraid of it, and make America the best healthcare system anywhere, for everyone."
Judith vonSeldeneck
President and CEO, Diversified Search, Inc.

"This book is a must read for anyone who cares about the future of healthcare in America. It makes the case that to improve our healthcare system we must disrupt almost every element of our current system. It is a fascinating and electric first person narrative that often makes me laugh but always made me think!"
Edward Rendell
Former Governor of Pennsylvania and Chairman, Democratic National Committee

"Stephen Klasko and Gregory Shea are gadflies with bona fides -- disruptors with a plan. With visionary insight and a light touch, Klasko and Shea offer We Can Fix Healthcare – The 12 Disruptors That Will Create Transformation as a crucial dispatch from the future frontlines of medicine and a clarion call to revolutionize the American healthcare system as we know it."
Ajay Raju
Dilworth Paxson LLP

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