Advances in Tissue Engineering, Volume 2: Stem Cells

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Advances in Tissue Engineering, Volume 2: Stem Cells

Editors: Peter C. Johnson, MD and Antonios G. Mikos, PhD

2010 • ISBN: 978-1-934854-24-2 • e-ISBN: 978-1-934854-25-9
Hardcover • 465 pages, 232 illus, 108 color • Trim size: 8 1/2 x 11

Table of Contents




Chapter 1
Stem Cells: State of the Art
Peter C. Johnson, Antonios G. Mikos


Chapter 2
Engineered Microenvironments for Controlled Stem Cell Differentiation
Jason A. Burdick, Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic

Chapter 3
Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Cell–Based Reconstructive Therapy in Orthopedics
Arnold I. Caplan



Chapter 4
Comparative Transcriptional Analysis of Embryoid Body Versus Two-Dimensional Differentiation of Murine Embryonic Stem Cells
Darío E. Sepúlveda, Barbara A. Andrews, Juan A. Asenjo, Eleftherios Terry Papoutsakis

Chapter 5
Neurotrophin-Induced Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells on Three-Dimensional Polymeric Scaffolds
Shulamit Levenberg, Jason A. Burdick, Thomas Kraehenbuehl, Robert Langer


Chapter 6
Enhancing Efficacy of Stem Cell Transplantation to the Heart with a PEGylated Fibrin Biomatrix
Ge Zhang, Qingsong Hu, Elizabeth A. Braunlin, Laura J. Suggs, Jianyi Zhan 

Chapter 7
Osmotic Selection of Human Mesenchymal Stem/Progenitor Cells from Umbilical Cord Blood
Biju Parekkadan, Palaniappan Sethu, Daan van Poll, Martin L. Yarmush, Mehmet Tone 

Chapter 8
Low-Intensity Ultrasound Inhibits Apoptosis and Enhances Viability of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Three-Dimensional Alginate Culture During Chondrogenic Differentiation
Hyun Jung Lee, Byung Hyune Choi, Byoung-Hyun Min, So Ra Park

Chapter 9
Effects of Hydrostatic Pressure and Transforming Growth Factor-β3 on Adult Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Chondrogenesis In Vitro
Keita Miyanishi, Michael C.D. Trindade, Derek P. Lindsey, Gary S. Beaupré, Dennis R. Carter, Stuart B. Goodman, David J. Schurman, R. Lane Smith

Chapter 10
Co-culture of Umbilical Cord Blood CD34þ Cells with Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Yue Zhang, Chou Chai, Xue-Song Jiang, Swee-Hin Teoh, Kam W. Leong 

Other Types

Chapter 11
Multilineage Cells from Human Adipose Tissue: Implications for Cell-Based Therapies
Patricia A. Zuk, Min Zhu, Hiroshi Mizuno, Jerry Huang, J. William Futrell, Adam J. Katz, Prosper Benhaim, H. Peter Lorenz, Marc H. Hedrick



Chapter 12
Cyclic Mechanical Preconditioning Improves Engineered Muscle Contraction
Du Geon Moon, George Christ, Joel D. Stitzel, Anthony Atala, James J. Yoo

Chapter 13
Effect of Scaffold Stiffness on Myoblast Differentiation
Meital Levy-Mishali, Janet Zoldan, Shulamit Levenberg


Chapter 14
In Vitro Expansion of Adipose-Derived Adult Stromal Cells in Hypoxia Enhances Early Chondrogenesis
Yue Xu, Preeti Malladi, Michael Chiou, Elena Bekerman, Amato J. Giaccia, Michael T. Longake 

Chapter 15
Enhanced Chondrogenesis of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Collagen Mimetic Peptide-Mediated Microenvironment
H. Janice Lee, Christopher Yu, Thanissara Chansakul, Nathaniel S. Hwang, Shyni Varghese, Seungju M. Yu, Jennifer H. Elisseeff


Chapter 16
Integrated 3-Dimensional Expansion and Osteogenic Differentiation of Murine Embryonic Stem Cells
Wesley L. Randle, Jae Min Cha, Yu-Shik Hwang, K. L. Andrew Chan, Sergei G. Kazarian, Julia M. Polak, Athanasios Mantalaris

Chapter 17
Umbilical Cord Wharton's Jelly: A New Potential Cell Source of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells for Bone Tissue Engineering
Tianyong Hou, Jianzhong Xu, Xuehui Wu, Zhao Xie, Fei Luo, Zehua Zhang, Ling Zeng

Chapter 18
In Vivo Bone Tissue Engineering Using Mesenchymal Stem Cells on a Novel Electrospun Nanofibrous Scaffold
Michael Shin, Hiroshi Yoshimoto, Joseph P. Vacanti

Chapter 19
Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells: Induction of Differentiation into Mesenchymal Lineages by Cell–Cell Contacts with Various Mesenchymal Cells
Jung Park, Viviane Setter, Viktor Wixler, Holm Schneider

Chapter 20
Maxillofacial–Derived Stem Cells Regenerate Critical Mandibular Bone Defect
Yair Steinhardt, Hadi Aslan, Eran Regev, Yoram Zilberman, Ilan Kallai, Dan Gazit, Zulma Gazi 

Chapter 21
A Rapid and Efficient Method for Expansion of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Sanne K. Both, Adrie J.C. van der Muijsenberg, Clemens A. van Blitterswijk, Jan de Boer, Joost D. de Bruijn

Chapter 22
Sustained Release of TGFβ3 from PLGA Microspheres and Its Effect on Early Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Eduardo K. Moioli, Liu Hong, Jesse Guardado, Paul A. Clark, Jeremy J. Mao

Chapter 23
Recruitment of a Host's Osteoprogenitor Cells Using Exogenous Mesenchymal Stem Cells Seeded on Porous Ceramic
Roberta Tasso, Andrea Augello, Simona Boccardo, Sandra Salvi, Michela Caridà, Fabio Postiglione, Franco Fais, Mauro Truini, Ranieri Cancedda, Giuseppina Pennesi


Chapter 24
Mechanoactive Tenogenic Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Catherine K. Kuo, Rocky S. Tuan

Chapter 25
Effects of Mechanical Stimulation on the Biomechanics and Histology of Stem Cell–Collagen Sponge Constructs for Rabbit Patellar Tendon Repair
Natalia Juncosa-Melvin, Jason T. Shearn, Gregory P. Boivin, Cynthia Gooch, Marc T. Galloway, John R. West, Victor S. Nirmalanandhan, Gino Bradica, David L. Butler


Chapter 26
Influence of Culture Medium on Smooth Muscle Cell Differentiation from Human Bone Marrow–Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Zhaodi Gong, Geoffrey Calkins, Ee-chun Cheng, Diane Krause, Laura E. Niklason

Chapter 27
Optical Mapping of Impulse Propagation in Engineered Cardiac Tissue
Milica Radisic, Vladimir G. Fast, Oleg F. Sharifov, Rohin K. Iyer, Hyoungshin Park, Gordana Vunjak-Novakovi 


Chapter 28
Efficient Proliferation and Maturation of Fetal Liver Cells in Three-Dimensional Culture by Stimulation of Oncostatin M, Epidermal Growth Factor, and Dimethyl Sulfoxide
Toshie Koyama, Tomo Ehashi, Norio Ohshima, Hirotoshi Miyoshi


Chapter 29
Neural Stem Cell– and Schwann Cell–Loaded Biodegradable Polymer Scaffolds Support Axonal Regeneration in the Transected Spinal Cord
Heather E. Olson, Gemma E. Rooney, Louann Gross, Jarred J. Nesbitt, Katherine E. Galvin, Andrew Knight, BingKun Chen, Michael J. Yaszemski, Anthony J. Windebank

Chapter 30
Kinetic Analysis of Neurotrophin-3–Mediated Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells into Neurons
Stephanie M. Willerth, Shelly E. Sakiyama-Elbert


Chapter 31
Isolation and Characterization of Stem Cell Clones from Adult Human Ligament
Weerachai Singhatanadgit, Nikolaos Donos, Irwin Olsen 

Chapter 32
Differentiation of Dental Pulp Stem Cells into Regular-Shaped Dentin-Pulp Complex Induced by Tooth Germ Cell Conditioned Medium
Jinhua Yu, Zhihong Deng, Junnan Shi, Huihong Zhai, Xin Nie, Heng Zhuang, Yucheng Li, Yan Jin

Chapter 33
Multilineage Differentiation Potential of Stem Cells Derived from Human Dental Pulp after Cryopreservation
Weibo Zhang, X. Frank Walboomers, Songtao Shi, Mingwen Fan, John A. Jansen

Chapter 34
Self-Assembling Peptide Amphiphile Nanofibers as a Scaffold for Dental Stem Cells
Kerstin M. Galler, Adriana Cavender, Virany Yuwono, He Dong, Songtao Shi, Gottfried Schmalz, Jeffrey D. Hartgerink, Rena N. D'Souza

Chapter 35
Accurately Shaped Tooth Bud Cell–Derived Mineralized Tissue Formation on Silk Scaffolds
Wan-Peng Xu, Weibo Zhang, Rose Asrican, Hyeon-Joo Kim, David L. Kaplan, Pamela C. Yelic 


Chapter 36
Dose-Dependent Immunomodulatory Effect of Human Stem Cells from Amniotic Membrane: A Comparison with Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Adipose Tissue
Susanne Wolbank, Anja Peterbauer, Marc Fahrner, Simone Hennerbichler, Martijn van Griensven, Guido Stadler, Heinz Redl, Christian Gabriel

Chapter 37
Expanded Adipose-Derived Stem Cells Suppress Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction by Secretion of Prostaglandin E2
Lei Cui, Shuo Yin, Wei Liu, Ningli Li, Wenjie Zhang, Yilin Cao


Chapter 38
Three-Dimensional Synthetic Niche Components to Control Germ Cell Proliferation
Cathy Chu, John J. Schmidt, Kay Carnes, Zhen Zhang, Hyun Joon Kong, Marie-Claude Hofman 

Chapter 39
Dynamic Oxygen Enhances Oocyte Maturation in Long-Term Follicle Culture
Matthew K. Heise, Richard Koepsel, Elizabeth A. McGee, Alan J. Russell



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