Advances in Wound Care, Volume 2

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Advances in Wound Care,
Volume 2

Editor: Chandan K. Sen

2011 • ISBN13 978-1-934854-28-0 • ISBN e-book 978-1-934854-29-7
Hardcover • 390 pages, 109 illus • Trim size: 8-1/2 x 11

Table of Contents

Delivering Solutions in Wound Care Through Interdisciplinary Science and Partnerships 
  Editor-in-Chief: Chandan K. Sen

  Section Editors: Geoffrey Gurther and Robert Galiano

Chapter 1
Skin Stem Cells and Wound Healing
  Qiong Zeng, Atulya Prasad, Steve A. McClain, and Richard Clark

Chapter 2
Adipose-Derived Stem Cells: Origin and Lineage
  Kacey G. Marra, Arta Kelmendi-Doko, and Joseph Rubin

Chapter 3
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
  Sae Hee Ko, Allison Nauta, Geoffrey Gurtner, and Michael T. Longaker

Chapter 4
Nonviral Reprogramming: Toward a Safer Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell
  Arwen L. Hunter and John P. Cooke

Chapter 5
Remembering Your Roots: Importance of Cellular Memory in Wound Healing and Limb Regeneration
  Ludan Zhao and Jill A. Helms

  Section Editors: Lillian Nanney and Susan Opalenik

Chapter 6
Adipose Derived Stem Cells as a Key Strategy of Cell-based Therapy to Promote Wound Healing
  Radia Tamarat, Marc Benderitter, and Patrick Gournelon

Chapter 7
Epithelial-Mesenchymal Cross-Talk in Dermal Wound Healing
  Yunyuan Li, Abdi Ghaffari, and Aziz Ghahary

Chapter 8
Advances in Scaffoldings and Biomaterials
  Britlyn D. Orgill and Dennis P. Orgill

Chapter 9
Adult Skin Wounds Can Be Induced to Regenerate Through Modulation of Cells and Extracellular Matrix Molecules
 Dariush Honardoust and Edward Tredget

Chapter 10
Homeobox Genes and Wound Healing: Evidence Linking Development and Skin Regeneration
  Mauricio Kuri, Kyle Belek, and Nancy J. Boudreau

Chapter 11
In Vitro Reconstructed Human Skin Equivalents for Autologous Transplantation in Burns, Chronic Ulcers, and Pigment Defects
  Liliana Guerra, Desanka Raskovic, Chiara De Luca, and Liudmila G. Korkina

Section Editors: Samuel J. Leibovich and Kurt Lu

Chapter 12
Macrophages and Wound Healing
  Luisa Ann DiPietro and Timothy J. Koh

Chapter 13
Resolution of Wound Inflammation: Significance of Apoptotic Cell Phagocytosis
Sashwati Roy

Chapter 14
Inflammation Impairs Wound Healing in Diabetic Mice
  Dana Graves and Mohan R. Dasu

Chapter 15
Macrophage Heterogeneity and Wound Healing
  Grace Enfield and Samuel J. Leibovich

Chapter 16
Ecto-5’-Nucleotidase (CD73)-Mediated Extracellular Adenosine Production Plays a Critical Role in Wound Healing and Fibrosis
  Edwin S.L. Chan and Bruce N. Cronstein

Chapter 17
Genetic Analyses of Inflammation and Wound Healing
  Tanya J. Shaw and Brian M. Stramer

Chapter 18
Roles of MicroRNA in Wound Healing
  Maha Abdellatif

Section Editors: Harriet Hopf and Dick Clarke

Chapter 19
Hypoxia-Inducible MicroRNAs in Chronic Ischemic Wounds
  Jaideep Banerjee and Chandan K. Sen

Chapter 20
Oxygen-Derived Hydrogen Peroxide as a Key Signal for Wound Healing
  Chandan K. Sen

Chapter 21
Enhancing Wound Oxygen Levels: Effectiveness of Hydration and Transdermal Oxygen Therapies
  JoAnne D. Whitney

Chapter 22
Oxygen Toxicity
  Michael Bennett

Section Editors: Jeffrey Davidson and Scott Guelcher

Chapter 23
Sustained Release and Dual Delivery Strategies for Platelet-derived Growth Factor
  Scott A. Guelcher

Chapter 24
Human Beta-Defensins Improve Wound Healing Through a Mechanism Affecting Multi-aspects of the Healing Process
  Huiqin Sun, Mingke Wang, Lei Hao, Junping Wang, Yongping Su, and Zhongmin Zou

Chapter 25
A New Future for Growth Factor Complexes as Wound Therapies?
  David I. Leavesley and Zee Upton

Chapter 26
Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 1a Gene Therapy Promotes Wound Vascularization in Diabetic Mice
  Gregg L. Semenza

Chapter 27
The Diabetic Wound: A New Experimental Wound Healing Model in Large Animals
  Florian Hackl, Elizabeth Klwanuka, Daniel Nowinski, and Elof Eriksson

Chapter 28
Sonic Hedgehog Accelerates Wound Healing Via Enhancing Cutaneous Nitric Oxide Function in Diabetes
  Jie-Mei Wang, Jian-Dong Luo, and Alex F. Chen

  Section Editors: Tai-Lan Tuan and Praveen Arany

Chapter 29
Keloids: Current Progress in Basic Research and Management
  George P. Yang

Chapter 30
Management of Scars with Lasers
  Jennifer L. MacGregor and Tina S. Alster

Chapter 31
Recent Advances in Pathophysiology and Management of Burn Scar
  Keijiro Hori and Edward E. Tredget

Chapter 32
Targeted Approaches to Scar Management Based on Our Current Understanding of Triggers, Modulators, and Effectors of Aberrant Healing
  Praveen R. Arany and Tai-Lan Tuan

Chapter 33
Targeting Fibrinolysis as a Therapeutic Strategy to Prevent Abdominal Adhesion Formation
  Sarah Herrick and Malcolm Wilson

Chapter 34
New Insights into the Basis of the Activated Fibroblast Phenotype in Scleroderma
  Andrew Leask

  Section Editors: Robert Kirsner and Stephanie Wu

Chapter 35
The Use of Topical Antimicrobials and Antibiotics in Wound Care
  Warren S. Joseph

Chapter 36
Update on Venous Ulcerations
  Allen Holloway

Chapter 37
Clinical Perspective on Interpreting Wound Care Efficacy Studies and Interpretation
  Laura L. Bolton

Chapter 38
Healing of Ischemic Wounds
  William Marston

Chapter 39
Update on Standards of Wound Care
  Laura L. Bolton

Chapter 40
Heal Ohio Experience: A Collaborative Model
  Robert Anthony, Judith Fulton and Eliot Marstow

Chapter 41
Current Opportunities and Challenges in the Business of Wound Care Management
  James E. Patrick

  Section Editors: Vickie R. Driver and William Li

Chapter 42
Noninvasive Diagnostics for Critical Limb Ischemia
  Silvia Garcia-Lavin, Matteo Fabbi, Robert Eberhardt, and Vickie R. Driver

Chapter 43
Gene- and Molecular-based Therapy for Critical Limb Ischemia
  Arabindra B. Katwal and Brian H. Annex

Chapter 44
The Role of Heparin in Wound Healing
  Bonnie Lin, Matteo Fabbi, and Vickie R. Driver

Chapter 45
Outcomes and Advances in Bypass Surgery
  Jeffrey Kalish and Alik Farber

Chapter 46
Outcomes and Advances in Endovascular Surgery
  Palma Shaw and Tony Nguyen

Chapter 47
The Impact of Chronic Lower Limb Wounds on a Person’s Quality of Life
  Patricia E. Price and Elizabeth J. Mudge

  Section Editors: Adrian Barbul and David Leaper

Chapter 48
Omega-3 Fatty Acids Modulate Wound Healing
  Valy Boulom and Adrian Barbal

Chapter 49
Acute Ruptures of the Achilles Tendon
  Rebecca Tate and Mike R. Reed

Chapter 50
New Advances in Adhesion Mechanism and Prevention
  Sandra Kavalukas and Adrian Barbul

Chapter 51
Perforator Flaps and Wound Flap Update
  Geoffrey G. Hallock

  Section Editors: Nicole Gibran and Anne Hocking

Chapter 52
Review of Recent Experimental and Clinical Studies of Topical Agents for Burn Wounds
  Tam Pham

Chapter 53
Tissue Engineering Applications for Burn Wounds
  David A. Brown

Chapter 54
New Models of Burn Wound Injury and Repair
  Corrie L. Gallant-Behm

Chapter 55
Novel Diagnostic Tools for Burn Wounds
  James C. Jeng

Chapter 56
The Role of Osteopontin, Angiotensin-II, Peroxisome Proliferator–Activated Receptor-g, Keratinocyte-Derived Factors, and Mechanical Tension in Skin Wound Healing and Fibrosis: Recent Advances
  Matthew Varkey and Edward E. Tredget

  Section Editor: Kathleen Schaum

Chapter 57
Coding for Wound Care Products, Procedures, and Services: An Overview
  Donna J. Cartwright

Chapter 58
Medicare Coverage Decisions for Wound Care Products, Procedures, and Services: An Overview
  Kathleen D. Schaum

Chapter 59
Payment for Wound Care Products, Procedures, and Services: An Overview
  Peggy Dotson


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