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Clinical Natural Medicine Handbook

Chris D. Meletis, ND, Nieske Zabreskie, ND, and Robert Rountree, MD


ISBN: 978-1-934854-10-5

Table of Contents




 Chapter 1         Stress and Adrenal Fatigue 
                             Enhancing Quality of Life for Patients with a Functional Disorder

 Chapter 2         Holistic Approaches to Treating Andropause 

 Chapter 3         Nutritional and Botanical Approaches to Antiaging     

 Chapter 4         Nature’s True Aphrodisiacs
                            Better Sex Naturally

 Chapter 5         Apnea–The Awakening of a Sleeping America and World
                            To Save a Life

 Chapter 6         Asthma
                           Treating the Cause and Supporting the Airway Chemistry

 Chapter 7         Is Autism the Coal Miner’s Canary of America’s Health Status?

 Chapter 8         Cardiovascular Disease
                            Phytochemical and Nutritional Prevention and Treatment

 Chapter 9         Cleansing of the Human Body                        
                             A Daily Essential Process

 Chapter 10       Colon Cancer
                             Nutritional Strategies for Prevention

 Chapter 11       Natural Approaches to the Prevention and 
                             Management of Diabetes Mellitus

 Chapter 12       Natural Approaches to Relieving Endometriosis

 Chapter 13       Alternative and Complementary Approaches 
                             to Treating Common Ocular Disorders                          
                            Cataracts, Glaucoma, Retinopathy and Macular Degeneration

 Chapter 14       Enhanced Female Fertility        
                            Establishing Fertile Ground for Conception and a Baby’s Health

 Chapter 15       Natural Ways to Enhance Male Fertility       

 Chapter 16       Female Hormonal Health—So Much More Than PMS or Menopause
                            A Look at Whole Body Wellness

 Chapter 17       Delayed Food Sensitivities and Allergies         

 Chapter 18       Natural Approaches for Gastroesophageal 
                             Reflux Disease and Related Disorders

 Chapter 19       Taming High Blood Pressure Naturally 

 Chapter 20       Natural Approaches to Controlling Inflammatory Disease

 Chapter 21       Iodine, a Critically Overlooked Nutrient

 Chapter 22       Natural Therapies to Preserve and Enhance Cognition and Memory

 Chapter 23       Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, and More      
                             A Matter of Cellular Biochemistry

 Chapter 24       Natural Treatments for Metabolic Syndrome    
                            Using Nutraceuticals to Thwart a Deadly Trend

 Chapter 25       Natural Approaches to Multiple Sclerosis      

 Chapter 26       Natural Supports for Gaining and Maintaining Muscle Mass

 Chapter 27       Naturopathic Musculoskeletal Pain Management          

 Chapter 28       Optimizing Wellness for Peak Physical Performance     

 Chapter 29       Natural Approaches for Treating Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

 Chapter 30       Rheumatoid Arthritis    
                            Etiology and Naturopathic Treatments

 Chapter 31       Natural Remedies for Promoting Skin Health 

 Chapter 32       Therapeutic Uses of Amino Acids        

 Chapter 33       Coffee—Functional Food and Medicinal Herb 

Chapter 34       Medicinal Mushrooms 
                           The Validation of a Millennia of Therapeutic Use

 Chapter 35       Nitric Oxide, a Powerful Clinical Therapy   

 Chapter 36       Synergy in Nutrients     

 Chapter 37       Therapeutic Enzymes   
                             Using the Body’s Helpers as Healers

 Chapter 38       Common Nutrient Depletions Caused by Pharmaceuticals

 Chapter 39       Some Natural Medicines May Alter Laboratory Test Results 



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