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Internet Gaming Law: Second Edition, Revised and Expanded

I. Nelson Rose, JD and Martin D. Owens Jr., Esq.

2009 • ISBN e-book 978-1-934854-12-9 • 460 pages

Table of Contents




Chapter 1:     Basics

Chapter 2:     Types of Gaming

Chapter 3:     How Gambling Law Developed

Chapter 4:     The Techno-Legal Structure Behind Internet Gambling

Chapter 5:     Internet Gambling Law and Regulation in the Digital Age: Theory 
                        and Practice in the United States

Chapter 6:     Regulation of Online Gambling Outside the United States

Chapter 7:     Internet Gaming in the Traditional Context of International Law

Chapter 8:     The Legal Framework of Cross-Border Betting

Chapter 9:      Money Transfers and Taxation Issues Affecting Internet Gambling

Chapter 10:    The Problem of Advertising Internet and Interactive Gaming

Chapter 11:    Legal Issues Confronting Online Gaming Operators and Players

Chapter 12:    The Future of Internet Gaming

Appendix: Federal Law

Case Index

Subject Index

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