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Section Editors: Chandru Sundaram, MD and David Lee, MD

Online ISSN: 2151-1136 • Published Bimonthly

Current Volume: 28

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, the online peer-reviewed complement to Journal of Endourology, offers high-caliber video demonstrations of the latest cutting-edge robotic and laparoscopic surgical techniques and technologies as well as urologic endoscopic treatments designed to enable physicians to view and evaluate new minimally invasive and noninvasive techniques and apply them to their practice. Videos can be easily searched, viewed online, and downloaded in Flash, QuickTime®, and MP4 formats for use on a tablet or other mobile device allowing on-the-spot access where and when it is desired. Videos can be downloaded and shared with colleagues, facilitating optimal patient care. Part B, Videourology is included in your subscription to Journal of Endourology. Selected videos in Videourology are included in the AUA Core Curriculum.

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Benefits to submitting your videos include:

  • Rapid peer review and immediate publication upon acceptance
  • Each video is a fully citable and indexed publication
  • View online and download in QuickTime® format or MP4 for iPhone
  • Downloadable PDF summary of the video publication
  • Intuitive search and browse making use of a sophisticated medical terminology system and automatic recommendation of related content
  • Presented online in Flash format (Content for Flash Player reaches 99% of Internet-enabled desktops)
  • Selected videos are included in the AUA Core Curriculum

Submit your Videos – Instructions for Authors

Journal of Endourology and Part B, Videourology are under the editorial leadership of Co-Editors-in-Chief Ralph V. Clayman, University of California, Irvine; Arthur D. Smith, The Smith Institute for Urology; Executive Editor John Denstedt, Western University; Videourology Section Editors Chandru Sundaram, MD, Indiana University School of Medicine; David Lee, MD, University of Pennsylvania; and other leading investigators. View the entire editorial board.

Audience: Urologists, bioengineering scientists and researchers, nephrologists and renal specialists, transplant specialists, among others

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The Official Journal of:
Endourological Society
Japanese Society of Endourology
Sociedad Colombiana de Urologia(Endourology and Lap Section).

The Endourological Society extends several privileges to its members.
Membership includes:

  • Online access to Journal of Endourology and Part B, Videourology
  • Certificate of membership
  • Periodic notification of scientific meetings, essay contests, endourology and laparoscopy fellowship programs
  • Information regarding job opportunities in urology
  • Reduced registration fee at the annual meetings

Finally, urology residents within North America and selected residents in Europe receive a free journal subscription during their residency, subject to industry support.
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Access to Videourology is included with a subscription to Journal of Endourology.


The views, opinions, findings, conclusions and recommendations set forth in any Journal article are solely those of the authors of those articles and do not necessarily reflect the views, policy or position of the Journal, its Publisher, its editorial staff or any affiliated Societies and should not be attributed to any of them.

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