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Published Online: 24 March 2009

A Human Gene Encoding a Putative Basic Helix–Loop–Helix Phosphoprotein Whose mRNA Increases Rapidly in Cycloheximide-Treated Blood Mononuclear Cells

Publication: DNA and Cell Biology
Volume 13, Issue Number 2


G0S8 is a member of a set of putative G0/G1 switch regulatory genes (G0S genes) selected by screening cDNA libraries prepared from blood mononuclear cells cultured for 2 hr with lectin and cycloheximide. Comparison of a full-length cDNA sequence with the corresponding genomic sequence reveals an open reading frame of 211 amino acids, distributed across 5 exons. The 24-kD protein has a basic domain preceding a potential helix–loop–helix domain which contains a QTK motif found about 60 amino acids from the carboxyl terminus in the loop region of several helix–loop–helix proteins. There are potential phosphorylation sites for protein kinase C, creatine kinase II, and protein tyrosine kinases and regions of sequence similarity to helix–loop–helix proteins, tyrosine phosphatases, and RNA and DNA polymerases. The genomic sequence contains a CpG island, suggesting expression in the germ line. Potential binding sites for transcription factors are present in the 5′ flank and introns; these include Zif268/NGFI-A/EGR1/G0S30, NGFI-B, Ap1, and factors that react with retroviral long terminal repeats (LTRs). There are several potential interferon response elements and a serum response element in the 3′ flank overlapping a region of similarity to a cytomegalovirus immediate-early gene enhancer. Many of these motifs are found in immediate-early G0/G1 switch genes; however, we were unable to demonstrate an increase in G0S8 mRNA in response to lectin alone. Sequence similarities are noted between G0S8 and a variety of genes involved in the immune system, in the regulation of retroviruses, and in the cell cycle.

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cover image DNA and Cell Biology
DNA and Cell Biology
Volume 13Issue Number 2FEBRUARY 1994
Pages: 125 - 147
PubMed: 8179820


Published online: 24 March 2009
Published in print: FEBRUARY 1994


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