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Cover: Field trial of the first deep sea tested soft robotic gripper collecting a soft carnation coral (Dendronephthya sp.) at 170 m in the Gulf of Eilat, northern Red Sea. Existing solutions for deep sea robotic manipulation have historically been driven by the oil industry, resulting in destructive interactions with deep-sea life. The pictured bellow-type rubber actuators—a.k.a. “Squishy Fingers”—form a gripper on the Deep-Reef ROV's robotic arm, and offer a soft touch to delicately sample marine fauna. Image Credit: K.C. Galloway/B. Phillips/R.J. Wood/D.F. Gruber.

Soft Robotics

Editor-in-Chief: Barry A. Trimmer, PhD
ISSN: 2169-5172 Online ISSN: 2169-5180 Published BimonthlyCurrent Volume: 11
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Volume 3, Issue 3 / September 2016

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