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Cover Image: Cover art shows a schematic model of DPP4 promoting thyroid cancer metastasis by the integrins/FAK/AKT/c-Jun signaling axis. In thyroid cancer cells, DPP4 interacts with and stabilizes integrin α4β1 complex, and activates the FAK/AKT signaling pathway. Activated AKT phosphorylates c-Jun and promotes its nuclear localization, where c-Jun induces TGFB1 transcription. Secreted TGF-β induces EMT, which activates its downstream signaling pathways and promotes tumor metastasis. Thyroid 32: 1411–1422.


Thyroid Editor-in-Chief: Anna M. Sawka, MD, PhD
Clinical Thyroidology Editor-in-Chief: Trevor E. Angell, MD
VideoEndocrinology Editor-in-Chief: Catherine F. Sinclair, MD, FRACS
ISSN: 1050-7256 Online ISSN: 1557-9077 Published MonthlyCurrent Volume: 34
Journal Impact Factor: 5.8* *2023 Journal Citation Reports™ (Clarivate, 2024)
The definitive peer-reviewed journal package in thyroid disease, care, and research, providing multidisciplinary original research and patient-focused reports, reviews and commentary, and an innovative videojournal companion covering new surgical and diagnostic imaging techniques and technologies.

Volume 32, Issue 11 / November 2022

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